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Are you making the most of your Microsoft Clarity account?

If you’re unsure about installing Microsoft Clarity or want to maximise it after last week’s video, here are some key features:

  • Dead clicks and Rage clicks: Identifies frustrating user experience issues that not many tools report on.
  • Segments: Easily review the experience of specific groups like those from ad campaigns or search engines or based on user behaviour like leaving the site quickly.
  • Scroll depth and heat maps: You probably created a page thinking visitors would read it all? This tool shows how much of a page viewers actually see and where they click the most.
  • Smart Events: Similar to conversions in Google Analytics, it highlights important events and filters users who complete them.
  • Performance overview: Reports on technical reasons behind user experience issues identified by Google’s algorithm.
  • AI summaries: Get key points from recordings without watching them all by asking Clarity AI to summarise top recordings.

And there is plenty more to discover, so get that tracking code added sooner rather than later.

Next week is a new month and we’re digging into research.


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