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The rise and rise of social media marketing

It wasn’t all that long ago that social media was given little consideration by marketers. And now you ignore it at your peril! Facebook, for example, has 2.01 billion monthly active users, with 400 users signing up every minute. LinkedIn has 500 million active users, 40% of whom use it daily.  And Instagram has over 800 million users, with 7 out of 10 hashtags being branded, illustrating its use to businesses throughout the world.

Which social media platform should you use?

Perhaps the biggest questions concerning social media for businesses is:

  1. knowing which platforms to focus on
  2. knowing what to post to generate the right attentionh
  3. how to handle negative comments or feedback
  4. knowing how much time to spend on it
  5. prioritising the time to keep the various platforms up to date

Support with every aspect of social media management

The Ideal Marketing Company are able to help you to answer all of these social media concerns. There is no single answer, of course, as every company will have its own set of priorities, but as part of a planned marketing mix, it can be an extremely effective way of attracting new customers and generating new leads.

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