Content Marketing

Engage customers with content marketing

Content marketing is an effective way to build relationships, loyalty and trust with the key customers you want to attract. By creating and sharing relevant, useful and engaging content aimed at your target audience, you can build relationships that will eventually lead to people choosing to spend money with you, confident in the knowledge they are buying from a brand they can trust and feel satisfied with before they have spent a single penny.

Flexible content marketing services to fit your business

Whether you’re a multi-branch company or an up-and-coming local business, we can create a content marketing strategy that works for your needs and budget. Our content marketing experts are highly skilled in working with business owners and employees with no experience of digital marketing, as well as in-house marketing professionals. Also, as a full-service marketing company, we can offer content marketing as a standalone service or as part of a bespoke marketing mix.

Why choose Ideal Marketing for content marketing?

Creating valuable and meaningful content starts with designing a content marketing strategy through mediums and messaging that will get your target audience engaging with your brand. At Ideal Marketing, we start by getting to know your brand and its unique needs, so we can create a strategy designed to attract and ultimately convert your ideal customers. We do this by identifying your audience and ultimately achieving conversions using authentic storytelling that resonates with your ideal customer base.

All this is backed up with tracking and measurements that will provide insights on how we can best improve and optimise your content for better performance and ROI.

Content Marketing and SEO

happy recruitment agentThe content market services we offer include:

  • Video, including live videos on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Educational e-books
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts

With any of these channels, the key is to establish yourself as an expert in your field so that you can gain the trust of the people you want to do business with. So, while format is important, the actual content is always the most important factor.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing is undeniably a long game in comparison to certain other forms of marketing, but in a climate of consumers wishing to build relationships with brands on their own terms, it results in increased visibility, brand awareness, web traffic and a competitive edge that will ultimately reap rewards in terms of an increase in new and returning customers.

Find out how content marketing can benefit your business

Every business is different. That’s why we offer a free Marketing Funnel Assessment to give valuable insights on how to improve your marketing performance in under 5 minutes. Find out more and take the assessment here.