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Are you being misled by vanity metrics?

Not all marketing measurements are created equally, which is why it’s worth understanding the difference between a vanity and a clarity metric.

With a vanity metric, you’re dealing with big numbers that might seem impressive, but don’t necessarily mean what you think they do.

Whereas clarity metrics help demonstrate operational and business success. A great example of this is website visits, where you might see a big increase in one month and think that’s great, but when you look a little bit deeper you might see that it’s mostly down to bots, or people visiting from a country that you don’t even service.

So, look at the whole customer or visitor journey and into things that demonstrate quality, like how many pages per visit, how long somebody spends on the website or ultimately conversions, you’ll get clarity as to how your website actually supports your business.

On the subject of conversions, next week we will be talking about defining success in Google Analytics.

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