Email Marketing Services

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Email marketing has many advantages over direct mail – not the least of which is cost.  This in part explains why it has boomed over the past 5 years.  However this boom in email marketing has created its own set of problems. These include spam filters which are becoming ever more effective and prevent targeted emails from being delivered.

But just as significant is the way that we read emails now and the amount of time (or lack of time) that we spend when reading emails. With hundreds of messages arriving in our inboxes every day, an email has to stand out from the mass of spam for us to notice it, without triggering spam filters by using ‘banned’ terms such as free.

The Ideal Marketing Company offers complete email marketing services including:

  • Planning the campaign
  • Writing content
  • Designing the email
  • Sending and scheduling the email campaign
  • Reporting on the results
  • Reflecting on the results and refining follow up messages

Typically email marketing costs less than 1% of its equivalent printed campaign.  By cutting down on the printing costs and postage cost you can get a far better value campaign, but only if it’s done properly and monitored.

The Ideal Marketing Company always ensure that what we send out adheres to the many laws that surround email marketing to protect people from spam.

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