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Perhaps until now you have tried to do all of your marketing in-house, hoping that you (or a colleague) would one day stumble across marketing ideas that will work for you. Or instead, you may have engaged a marketing agency who has promised the earth and delivered very little. Perhaps they were more interested in winning awards for pretty looking adverts or increasing your budgets than in delivering results to grow your business?

The good news is that it is possible to generate significant increases in the quantity and quality of enquiries into your business. It is possible to do this without spending a fortune and this can happen within weeks or months rather than years.

Imagine cutting your magazine advertising spend in half – yet generating 10 times the enquiries (as happened for one client of The Ideal Marketing Company). How about sending out a direct mail letter to 50 prospects that generated £1,700 in immediate sales that week and ongoing sales of £30,000 by the end of the next month? This also happened to a client of The Ideal Marketing Company. Imagine placing one article in one magazine and generating more sales in a single month than in the whole of the previous year.

The Ideal Marketing Company specialises in using tested and effective low-cost marketing ideas to improve the level and quality of enquiries your business is currently generating. These ideas have worked for hundreds of businesses around Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and from across the UK – and they can and will work for you.


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