In 2021, The Ideal Marketing Company is a remote-based business with clients based as far away as Canada. However, this doesn’t stop us from remaining firmly rooted in our local community in terms of both our client base and the good causes we like to support in our historic hometown.  

With that in mind, we are very happy to be the sponsors of the Friends of St Dionysius website, which involves maintaining the site following constructing and designing it.  

Protecting eight centuries of history  

The Friends of St Dionysius charity was established in 1998 by Roy Bordolli, the church architect at the time, who realised extra fundraising efforts would be required for the ongoing upkeep of this important Grade I listed building, the eldest parts of which date back to the 13th century.  

Since then, the Friends have raised over £38,000 with over £31,000 being spent on refurbishing the East Window, repairing the South Buttresses, the Tower survey, re-sheeting the Chancel roof with stainless steel, tower mullions and clearing the guttering and 12 downpipes.  

The charity is aptly named, with much of the funds raised generated from events that provide an opportunity for socialising in the community, such as exhibitions, meetings, lectures and a regular programme of concerts that have enjoyed great popularity in Market Harborough over the years.  

The jewel in Harborough’s crown  

As a born and bred Harborian, Ideal’s owner Jess Shailes is particularly aware of the significance of St Dionysius as the most prominent landmark in her hometown. “As we know, Market Harborough has many lovely buildings of historical interest, including the Old Grammar School and The Old Town Hall, where the Ideal Marketing Company was lucky enough to be based from 20XX until we took the decision to move to remote working permanently earlier this year,” she says. “Having also lived with a view of the church for several years, I am aware of its significance in the town, not just as place of Christian worship, but as an important building to people in the community, regardless of their religious beliefs.” 

Safeguarding the future of St Dionysius  

The friends of St Dionysius are committed to maintaining and enhancing St Dionysius as new needs arise in the future. As we emerge from a period in history when even attendance at church was banned due to the pandemic, this is great news as worshippers return and this precious building regains its wider significance at the heart of Market Harborough’s community.  

To find out more about the Friends of St Dionysius, please visit or email 

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