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Description of company

Everything for Redheads is a unique e-commerce site aimed at redheads. Set up by a redhead who was frustrated at the lack of products out there aimed at redheads, the business has become more than an e-commerce site, and now provides a forum for redhead debate.

The company also heads up ‘Redhead Day UK’, a free event which sees the flame haired amongst us celebrate what it means to be a redhead.



The Challenge

After setting up the business in 2011, owner Jess had increasingly found that Everything for Redheads was turning into more than a one woman job. Wanting help with gaining national coverage for both the brand and Redhead Day UK, Jess turned to The Ideal Marketing Company for help.




Social Media




The Ideal Solution

With an immense social media following – over 10,00 likes on Facebook, 8000 on Pinterest and 1100 YouTube subscriptions, it was important that we created a website that incorporated e-commerce aspects of the business and could be integrated with all social media platforms. We succeeded in doing so, and users are now able to shop for specific products, browse the blog, and find out about events all in one place.

The Ideal Marketing Company were able to promote Everything for Redheads through the media, with owner Jess appearing on local radio and being interviewed on London Live. We supported the management of the Redhead Day UK event and ran social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote and document the day itself. Jess also developed the MOGO Awards – celebrating music of ginger origin, which were held in conjunction with Redhead Day UK.

The Ideal Marketing Company continue to write a series of blog stories for the Everything for Redheads website, encouraging debate on a variety of topical issues.



What was achieved

The Ideal Marketing Company were able to offer Everything for Redheads further consistency in their marketing, and allow Jess to focus her efforts on the side of the business that she felt more comfortable with. We also gained both local and national publicity for the brand, whilst increasing its following on social media.

Full Service Marketing Agency

 “I’d found that I’d got as far as I could with marketing Everything for Redheads; working with a marketing team with a range of skills means that I can focus on the things that matter in my business, and I am confident in allowing The Ideal Marketing Company to handle the things that used to distract me.”

Jessica Shailes, Owner of Everything for Redheads


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