This summer we’ve gone through another change here at The Ideal Marketing Company, or to be more precise, I have. After the company went permanently remote in January this year, after learning we could comfortably work that way as a result of the pandemic, I got thinking –  if you can work from anywhere, why not by the sea?

When I met my other half he told me he’d like to live by the sea one day,  but seeing as I’d just bought a company in one of the most landlocked counties in England, I dismissed the idea or thought it might be one for retirement. But with all the difficult changes that the pandemic has created, there are some positives to be had and we’ve got to take these new opportunities where we find them.

So as we both work remotely now, we’ve upped sticks and made the move to Portsmouth!

A fresh perspective

For the agency nothing has changed. I’m as available as I was before and we’re communicating in the same ways over email, phone and Zoom/Teams (with occasional seagulls in the background). I’m also visiting Market Harborough regularly as my family and a lot of my friends are there, as well as many of our clients.

Where I do see a difference is in my overall perspective. After the past couple of years, a new environment and the resulting opportunities to make new connections can only be good for me and as a result the company. Novelty can get the creative juices flowing and unleash renewed energy.
Yet many, including myself, are hardwired to resist change. The unknown is scary, so we continue with something that’s not working for fear of change.

But if the pandemic taught us anything, it was that change will happen whether we instigate it or not. So, is it time to make a positive change for your business?

Making Q4 count

As we enter the last quarter of the year, as holiday season is over and more people are back to work, it feels like the last real opportunity to make changes in 2021. So, what will you change? To get you thinking I’ve included three simple questions below:

What is working?

It’s time to recognise achievements! I am not a fan of focusing on the bad, so before you think about what needs to improve, take some time out to think about what is working and take a moment to feel proud. This is particularly beneficial if you see evidence that change has been worth it and make the time to thank those involved. Maybe your customer service is brilliant, your website is bringing in leads and your network constantly refers new work? Whatever it is, it’s time to recognise it for the achievement it is.

What could be better?

It may be that some tweaks are all that’s required to make a difference – be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater! For example, many people post on social media regularly, but if you’re only promoting yourself, your engagement rate is probably quite low. A shift in messaging to focus on what your customer cares about could be all that’s needed to improve your engagement levels.

What isn’t working?

If you’ve been putting money into an area for some time and you’re not seeing any return, then it’s time to investigate why. Not everything you try in business and marketing will have a tangible return. I’m reminded of Lord Leverhulme’s quote – ‘I know 50% of my advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%’.

Marketing for positive change

Most of us faced with this carry on with 100% of the advertising just in case the campaign we switch off is the thing that was working. That’s where an outside perspective can help. Ask your network, fellow business owners, or why not claim our free marketing consultation?

To find out more about how Ideal can help you get a plan in place to end 2021 on a high, claim your free marketing consultation today.

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