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Do you have a full picture of your marketing, or do your measurements need a tune-up?

This question can be challenging without clearly understanding a prospect or customer journey, so start by considering touchpoints.

Each touchpoint typically has a measurement tool to use. For instance, Mailchimp and Facebook offer built-in analytics. Additionally, you can incorporate tools like Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, and social media tracking tools on your site.

It’s also possible to connect tools, so if you want to know what people do on your website after receiving an email and clicking on a link, connect Google Analytics with your Mailchimp account for a more complete picture.

It may be that tracking tools have been added, but you haven’t been added as a user because someone did it on your behalf. If so, speak up and ask for access; it’s your data.

Once you’ve gone through the steps to identify your touchpoints the measurement tools available, and make connections where available, you’ll have a better idea of how each contributes to your marketing performance.

If you’re unsure about using each tool, it will get easier next week as we explore what the common marketing measurement tools reveal.

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