Local Marketing for Archway Health Club

Description of company

Established in 1997, Archway Health Hub offers a range of complementary and mainstream health services. In the years since opening, the centre has grown to be one of the largest of its kind in the Midlands. It now houses nine treatment rooms and three studio spaces with 14 practitioners offering a wide range of treatments from acupuncture to chiropractic.

The Ideal Marketing Company has been working with the health centre since 2010.

The Challenge

Our work with Archway Health Hub began when they moved to a larger premises. The move gave the centre the opportunity to expand their service offerings and hold a higher number of customers at a given time.

Archway Health Hub was looking to promote their service and attract a range of new clients to their centre’s new location.


Email Marketing




The Ideal Solution

Efforts were made to position Archway as the heart of fitness in the area. This was done through a range of activities including promotions and sponsorship. Taster days for new members were organised and promoted in local press, and sports events in the area, such as an annual triathlon, were sponsored by Archway.

Once clients sign up and attend one of the centre’s classes or treatments, they are added to Archway’s mailing list. From there, monthly email newsletters are sent to keep subscribers up to date with the latest events and offers.

In 2015, Archway decided to change its name from ‘Archway House Natural Health Centre’ to ‘Archway Health Hub’. This was done to more accurately reflect the nature of the services on offer and place emphases the positive, proactive emphasis on ‘health’ at the centre. Ideal Marketing worked with Archway to achieve this change smoothly across a range of media.

What was achieved

Archway Health Hub has established itself as one of the largest complimentary health centres in the region. The centre had amassed a loyal customer base before the move to their new location but since then, thanks to new classes and taster days, has attracted a new wave of repeat customers.

Regular enquiries about the classes available at the centre are received as a result of their high ranking for relevant search terms on search engines.

The centre continues to add new classes and treatments to their services to attract new clients with activities that a currently popular. The most recent addition being Bootybarre.

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