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Do you have ‘Clarity’ about how people are using your website?

While I’d be shocked if you hadn’t heard of Google Analytics, there are other useful, free tools like Microsoft Clarity that give you more detailed insight into how your website is being used.

Why another tracking tool? While Google Analytics provides page visits, typical user journeys, and visit duration, Clarity offers visitor recordings, which means you get more insight into why people do what they do on your site. You can learn about potential errors, issues with mobile use, what frustrates visitors to your site, maybe why they leave. This is all useful data for improving user experience and conversation rates, ultimately impacting your bottom line.

Getting started is like setting up Google Analytics. We’ll give you a direct link to begin. Create an account and get a tracking code for your developers to add to your site.

Next week, we’ll delve deeper into using Clarity effectively once you have data.


Sign up for Microsoft Clarity here.

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