paper plane changing directionIdeal Marketing Company MD Jess Shailes takes a look at how tough decisions  can lead to exciting new opportunities.

We’re no strangers to change at the Ideal Marketing Company. In four years, we’ve had four MDs, been through a change in ownership and removed and added services. And if that wasn’t enough, in January, we went through another significant transition by making a permanent move to remote working.

On a day-to-day basis, this change in how we work makes very little difference to how we had been successfully operating since the pandemic forced us into working at home in March last year. However, the move does create new possibilities both for our future direction and our short-term options.

You can see a full explanation of the rationale behind our move to remote working and some other details about it in our blog post here. In the meantime, I’d like to share some marketing and business lessons from our real life experience.

Letting go of what was an important part of our history, a gorgeous environment to work from in a building that was part of Harborough history wasn’t easy. I will admit that I grappled with doubts and my ego. However, in the end what was best for the future of the company won.

So I ask you:

What are you doing just because it’s always been done?

As we fast approach  budget setting deadlines for the year ahead, this could apply to how your marketing budget is allocated. For many, the marketing budget is just a duplicate of the previous year’s. However, some of our clients are using the Covid-19 restrictions to test alternative marketing methods to the conferences and event sponsorships they’ve always committed to. We got the ‘opportunity’ to find out that remote working works for us; is there something you could test out that might usually feel like too much of a break from the status quo?

Is what you’re doing working?

Your digital marketing efforts will have some tracking in place as standard. But when did you last review the engagement stats? Or test an alternative way of doing things using A/B split testing? I looked at all the different ways we could invest the money that was previously tied up in the office, and calculated that same investment could make a difference both in how we operate and the services we can provide to our clients.

Have you asked for a second opinion?

A fresh pair of eyes can reveal some really helpful insights when you’re too close to a problem or feeling precious about your work. We’ve all been there, and my decision to leave the office was aided by insightful coaching questions and detailed conversations with trusted business advisors.

A fresh perspective on your marketing

While no one would have asked for the position we find ourselves in almost a year on from the original ‘stay at home’ order, we do have a unique chance to challenge what we’ve always done in business and marketing and find an alternative way to operate that we carry with us into the new normal. To find out how we can support your marketing starting with a free website review, please get in touch.

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