Communicating in a Crisis Webinar Series

– – – A series of webinar replays explaining how to successfully market your organisation during a crisis and beyond.

How has your organisation responded to the COVID-19 crisis?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and planning to just ride it out as best you can?
  • Or are you being proactive and finding new ways to service customers and communicate with them?

Whatever situation your organisation is in, it’s more important than ever that you communicate appropriately with clients and potential customers. What you do and say today, this week, this month will be remembered. Those who fail to communicate will be in crisis far longer after the pandemic is over.

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However, in times of crisis, it’s hard to know how to get your message across, to strike the right tone and strengthen rather than undermine your brand. In recent weeks, we’ve all been exposed to misdirected messages that are at best irrelevant and at worst, distasteful at a time when so many are suffering.

Why is it important to keep communicating?

At the moment budgets are tight and customers are cautious in many industries and organisations. However, it’s important to remember that the time of crisis will pass, so hold your nerve and keep marketing. Your customers and potential customers need to know you are still there, that you can still solve their problems, that you are still thinking of them. So that your company is the first one they think of when the crisis passes and they are ready to spend money again.

Webinar replay topics

Our weekly webinar series may be over but you can watch all of the replays below, while they’re still available. In the series, we share lessons that you can usually only get from one of our paid workshops so don’t miss your chance!

  1. Communicating in a crisis and beyond
  2. Knowing your target market – with guest Julie Futcher from The Sales Manager
  3. Managing your online reputation – with guest Laura-Anne Williams from Get Social
  4. Getting insight from your data
  5. Managing a consistent brand experience online – with guest Marie-Louise O’Neill from Lovely Evolution
  6. Email marketing with guest – with guest Mark Coster of Pixooma
  7. LinkedIn optimisation
  8. PR and finding your story with Helen Campbell from The Ideal Marketing Company
  9. Managing customer journeys and increasing conversions
  10. How to build a marketing plan
  11. Writing for your audience –  with Natalie Trembecki of Writer for You
  12. Are you wasting your time on social media?


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