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Change of management at Ideal Marketing Company

We are pleased to announce a change of ownership within The Ideal Marketing Company.Jessica Shailes, who has worked at The Ideal Marketing Company for over five years, has now taken ownership following Helen Campbell’s decision to sell the company for...

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The beginners’ guide to alt tags (with examples)

Whether you call it an alt tag, alt attribute, alt text, or something else entirely, the alt tag is a crucial part of any website’s code when it comes to staying accessible and optimising your images for SEO. We’ve taken a quick 5 minute dive into everything you need...

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6 reasons why your bounce rate is so high in 2019

Your website has reams of engaging content, stunning imagery and a Pantone worthy colour palette… so why are visitors leaving in droves? The past few years have seen the introduction of a heavy focus on user intent, fast loading pages and mobile usability. Simply put;...

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5 easy ways to make blogging for your business a habit

Blogging is brilliant for your business. Once your website is set up, it’s a free and effective way to engage your customers with offers, news, tips, opinions and more. Not only that, regularly adding relevant, good quality content to your website in the form of blogs...

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Client in the Spotlight: Lismark Office Products

Did you know that the average Brit spends close to 85,000 hours of their life at work? That’s quite a chunk of time but thankfully, Lismark Office Products work hard to make it more enjoyable by supplying offices across the country with unique, contemporary (and...

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What is a meta description and how do I optimise it for SEO?

If you work with an SEO agency, are new to the world of digital marketing or simply want to boost your website’s search results you will have encountered the term ‘meta description’. We’ve answered the most common queries about meta descriptions to help get you...

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5 ways to rank highly in mobile search

If you follow the marketing and SEO news you’ll know that 2018 has been all about a shift to mobile. With more than half of overall web traffic coming from mobile, Google has put a spotlight on mobile performance this past year and is encouraging website owners and...

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What’s the right tone of voice for your website?

Getting your website right is crucial if you want to attract visitors and ultimately customers. Your design and logo are the first thing that people notice when they click on your landing page, but don’t forget that the words you use are also a key part of your...

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