With the easing of restrictions in Summer 2021, Race Harborough have been able to resume most of their events, and December will see the return of the Alastair Campbell award. Set up by Race Harborough and Ideal Marketing, the trophy is awarded every year (aside from 2020) to a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to Race Harborough events.

The 2021 award was presented to a husband & wife team who really embrace the role of volunteering in everything they do. They are both actively involved in Market Harborough junior parkrun & Harborough Athletics. However, it is their enthusiasm and willingness to give their time to Race Harborough for which we would like to present them with the Alastair Campbell Award.

From assisting at water stations on the Naseby1645 in February 2020, to helping dig & push cars free from mud at the same event, assisting at Battle of Brampton Valley Way after they had been to junior parkrun, to being present at both the Tunnel night run and dawn runs as Race Harborough events returned in 2021. We can be sure that they will approach each task they are given in a wonderful and friendly manner, always willing to help in whatever is required. It is a pleasure to know this couple, and it is with great delight that we present the Alastair Campbell Award for 2021 to Michael and Mel Brocklebank.

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