Did you know that the average Brit spends close to 85,000 hours of their life at work?

That’s quite a chunk of time but thankfully, Lismark Office Products work hard to make it more enjoyable by supplying offices across the country with unique, contemporary (and comfy!) pieces of furniture. From desks and chairs to breakout sofas and meeting pods, Lismark’s range stretches from conventional right through to modern.

It was in 2017 that the company got in touch with The Ideal Marketing Company after they decided a new website was needed to showcase their attractive product range.

New website

The website design process started with our website developers understanding the functionality requirements and our content team writing engaging, SEO optimised text for the web pages.

The end result was a sleek and high-quality website, appropriately matching that of the furniture itself. You can take a look at the swish website (if we say so ourselves) here.


While some website designers say ‘au revior’ once the website is finished, at Ideal Marketing Company, this is just the start of the process. After all, what’s the use in having a wonderful brand new website if no one’s visiting it?

And so began our ongoing SEO work with Lismark Office Products, a project that involved increasing the organic traffic – visitors who find the website through search engines – coming to the new website.


With the website’s new SEO friendly text written and titles, tags, meta descriptions and images all optimised for the target keywords, our efforts were directed to offsite SEO – generating inbound links from external websites with high domain authority.

Using Lismark’s knowledge of the industry, we were able to pitch out desirable article ideas to relevant magazine and news providers. Here is a handful of articles that we’ve been able to help publish, all with an important link directing to Lismark’s website:

Business Mole – Which colours are best for improving office productivity?

OEN Magazine – Tips for Creating a Healthier Workspace

OPI – How to Design a Workplace for Millennials

What have the results been?

Lismark’s new website was launched in the tail end of 2017, and since then traffic to the site has grown quarter on quarter. Compared to the first quarter of 2018 (January-March), the website’s organic traffic grew in the final quarter by a mighty 169%!

This stark increase in traffic has been in no small part due to keyword rankings improving both locally and nationally. Lismark is now placed on the first page of Google for a number of high-searched terms.

Our SEO efforts are ongoing with continuous optimisations being made to the website, new content being added and emerging keywords being monitored.

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