Would you like to know about a group of people who are seven times more likely to buy from you than the average member of the public? You will find it remarkably easy to reach them because you already know who they are they are your customers. So, if you are looking for ways to rapidly increase your sales and reduce your advertising costs, producing a company newsletter could be the answer for you.

This is a simple guide on how to go about it: whether you want to do it all yourself or use designs and templates that companies specialising in creating company newsletters have already prepared to make it easier for you.

But why bother in the first place? Here are six reasons why you should consider using newsletters to promote your business.

Newsletters are topical and present a fresh view of your company to your customers and prospects. If you get the contents of your newsletter right, your customers will be looking forward to hearing from you every 2 months.

Research shows that company newsletters have four times the readership of a traditional advert or brochure. So when you say something in a newsletter, it is four times as likely to be read.

They are easy to read quickly and, because of their layout and content, readers find newsletters more credible than traditional advertising. A well presented, professional newsletter will establish the authority of your company so it can become known as being a leader in the field, a voice of authority. It also improves name recognition, brand awareness and clearly differentiates your company from the competition in the minds of readers.

Space becomes less of an issue than a press advert because a newsletter allows you to give more in-depth information to readers. In fact, if you have an especially important message that you want to put across, you can always increase the number of pages you print on a particular issue.

Room to explain. Because of space limitations in a typical advert, you have no space to do more than run a headline and some key points. With a newsletter, you can educate consumers about complex products or services. The more a customer understands the many benefits of your products and services, the more likely they will be to buy from you.

Newsletters have a longer shelf life than press adverts and are more likely to be passed around your department. In the past, if you received an interesting newsletter in the mail you may have read it and passed it on to a colleague or friend who was interested in the subject area. You may even have copied a relevant section and sent it out to members of your staff. Adverts are rarely photocopied, posted or shared with others.

In summary, newsletters can be used to:

Give a fresh slant on your company’s activities Attract new customers

Increase repeat business from existing clients Enhance your company’s reputation as an industry leader

Reduce wasted advertising costs Improve communication with existing customers.

The Ideal Marketing Company supports Leicestershire and Northamptonshire companies as well as companies from across the UK with marketing, PR and direct mail. The Ideal Marketing Company helps support companies with marketing consultancy in order to generate new business wins as well as making the most of existing customers.


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