The local media can be a very powerful marketing tool. As a marketing and PR agency with many customers in the Market Harborough area, we have worked hard to develop good relationships with local media organisations such as the Harborough Mail, Active magazine and Hfm radio station.

man reading business press releaseAs a general rule, PR in the local press is most effective for organisations that sell products or services to customers within that area. So, businesses such as accountants, financial advisers, restaurants, gyms and shops can all benefit from regular exposure in the local media.

But what makes a good story? As a marketing and PR agency, we don’t advise bombarding your local newspaper or radio station with too many press releases as they are unlikely to feature a story about your company in every issue. In fact, you could run the risk of alienating an important local contact. It is best to be selective in what you send. Quality over quantity certainly rings true in this sense.

How to make the local news

It sounds obvious, but your story must have an element of news contained within it. It’s no good simply writing about how great your company is and how happy your customers are. That’s advertising. Local newspapers rely on advertising revenue, so if you send a non-newsworthy story, they’ll either bin it or try and sell you advertising space. Something has got to happen to make it newsworthy and appeal to their readership.

This is where using a PR and marketing agency like the Ideal Marketing Company can help. Writing news stories that websites, newspapers and magazines will want to publish is a specific skill. Furthermore, clients sometimes tell us that nothing newsworthy has happened in their organisation – but when we dig a little deeper, there’s almost always something interesting to write about. Subject ideas for writing a successful local press release could include:

  • A charity or fundraising event
  • Staff promotions
  • New staff qualifications
  • Moving to new premises or opening up additional premises
  • A significant milestone such as 10 years in business
  • Taking on more staff
  • A rise in turnover
  • A new product or service (this can sometimes be a bit tricky – try to avoid making it too advertorial)
  • Receiving or being nominated for an award
  • A seminar or event that you are running
  • A community interest story such as sponsoring the local football team or supporting a nearby Britain in Bloom group

Examples of local PR news stories

The list can go on and on. Some examples of local stories that we have sent out to the media in Market Harborough recently include:

  • Details of free Pilates sessions being run at a local natural health centre to celebrate World Pilates Day.
  • A press release about the staff at an estate agency in Market Harborough gaining industry-recognised qualifications.
  • The news that a solicitor’s firm with local branches is offering a new commercial mediation service.
  • A story about a local sporting event to encourage people to take part as well as generally publicising the event.

PR experts in Market Harborough

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for news stories or would like to see your organisation featured in the local press in your area, now’s the time to get in touch with a marketing and PR agency like The Ideal Marketing Company.

Give us a call on 01858 44 55 43 or email [email protected].

Founder of The Ideal Marketing Company, Alastair has worked in the advertising and marketing industry since 1988 and is the author of 3 marketing books aimed at small business owners. He also has spoken to audiences on marketing topics at many venues including the NEC, Olympia and the Harborough Innovation Centre.

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