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Marketing for law firms

We think that marketing legal services is an exciting challenge which offers the potential to raise your profile, reinforce your reputation, generate valuable enquiries and attract interesting new clients. It can also be something of a minefield if your marketing company doesn’t understand how you operate and who you are trying to reach. This is why, despite the many tangible benefits, many unsupported law firms shy away from modern marketing techniques, deterred by outcomes that may seem risky or unpredictable.

This is where The Ideal Marketing Company can help. Let our legal marketing specialists take the stress out of your marketing strategy and put a plan together that uses marketing techniques that are tried, tested and highly effective.

How can a marketing company really understand the legal sector?

This is where we are lucky!  We have specialists who have worked for several law firms in senior marketing positions in-house, defining marketing strategies and delivering results gained from years of hands-on legal experience.

What’s more, we work really closely with the firms that we support today – acting as their offsite marketing department, whether we work alongside a marketing manager, practice manager or each and every department’s Partners.

Marketing Strategy

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Social media

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Legal lead generation marketing strategies

Where do your enquiries come from?  If you’re not receiving online enquiries, you’re missing out.

It’s not because “no-one searches for legal services online” – we have facts, figures and bags full of enquiries to prove that they do.  A good search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy for a law firm can work to bring in the enquiries so that your solicitors and lawyers can concentrate on delivering their work.

Similarly, is your PR working hard enough for you? Are you getting published in places that your target markets are interested in?  A generic advert about the firm as a whole may not be as effective in the short term as a targeted set of messages, aimed at specific market places.  Especially if your offline PR strategy integrates with the work you’re doing to build your law firm’s brand online.

Is your time best spent marketing your law firm?

Of course, we think so – in our eyes, marketing is of the utmost importance because it’s what we care about most.  However, we know that every single person working within a law firm has many conflicting priorities – not least keeping clients happy and meeting targets.  So, where do you fit in the time for marketing?

Whilst your time might be better-spent fee-earning, our time is best spent on successfully marketing your law firm.

There are 3 important points here:


1. We can’t do what you do.

By this, we mean traditional marketing face to face.  We can’t make people like you because they met you at a networking event and we can’t take your referrers out to lunch.  However, what we can do is put you in front of the type of clients that you are looking for and whom are looking for your specific services.  We’ll present you in the best possible light using a range of marketing methods, from online in Google search results to offline in your local newspaper.  Whatever works best for your area of law, type of firm and geographical location.

2. We don’t want you to do what we can do.

So, you might spend a few hours writing up a really valuable guide on how to achieve an amicable divorce, but in our experience, this may need to be stripped of legalese to something that the average client can easily digest and understand.  We also have a great deal of experience in optimising this sort of content for multiple use – from online PR, downloadable documents and as content on your website which will help your website rise to the top of relevant search results.

3. We know what works.

Let’s look at social media or newspaper advertising.  Or billboards and radio.  All these things will work to generate enquiries – but only with the right specific messages, and only when coupled with the right departmental and geographical focus.

Actual results that you can expect for your law firm

Whether you’re looking to raise your brand’s visibility in the local area, or to simply be able to generate enquiries and measure where they came from, we can put strategies in place that not only achieve your goals, but which will clearly demonstrate how your goals were achieved.

Cost effective legal marketing

We have worked with a range of legal services from family law to commercial law, and even criminal defence.  Not only can we assist you with the strategies that work for each specific area of law, we can help you to save money by cutting out the ones that don’t.

We understand that you only want to spend your marketing budget in ways which generate a return on investment.  We can help you to cut out what doesn’t work and replace it with what has been tried, tested and proven to work.

Your law firm’s marketing in safe hands

If you’re a busy marketing manager looking for assistance with a certain aspect of marketing – whether it’s responsible social media posts, which drive the right types of engagement from the right target audience, a responsive new website design or an SEO strategy that gets your law firm’s website found for its main services – or if you’re a Partner looking to simply increase lead development for your department or firm; working with a marketing agency that specialises in legal services marketing will give you a far better chance of obtaining measurable results that generate growth.

Privacy promise

We respect all our clients’ privacy and as well as promising not to work with a direct competitor whilst you’re our client, we treat everything that we do together with the utmost discretion.

Please feel free to contact us for examples of the results we have achieved or to ask us any questions.  We will be delighted to share our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Advice about marketing for law firms

To speak to a member of our legal marketing team about how marketing can make a different to your firm, call us on 01858 374 170 or email Your initial consultation is free.

Imagine being able to employ a team of marketing professionals – each with their own specialist skills. Well now you can. With legal sector experience and enthusiasm to help you tackle your marketing challenges, we have the team to support you.