What’s better than getting a customer? Getting a happy repeat customer of course! Here are some simple yet effective ways you can make sure your customers return to you again and again, because let’s face it, they don’t have to!

  1. Encourage feedback at all stages so that you can discover what your customer really feels about their experience with you.


  1. Keep in touch. Most customers leave because of perceived indifference. This means that you didn’t necessarily do a bad job, just that you didn’t keep in touch enough. You might not have the time to call every customer personally, but you can make time to send out a newsletter or a postcard to customers on at least a monthly basis.


  1. Generously give added value. If you are good at what you do, the chances are you have knowledge that would be useful to your customers. By sharing at least some of that information, you do two things – demonstrate your expertise and appear generous. Newsletters, seminars and websites are all places where you can share knowledge with your customers and potential customers, while enhancing your reputation. This is why we have a monthly email to help you get new marketing ideas and inspiration. We also offer a free marketing consultation, a free website review and a free social media review.


  1. Avoid misunderstandings. Clear communication at all stages is very important in keeping customers happy. It’s important to manage customer expectations at all times by making timelines clear and letting them know what input you need from them.


  1. Value for money. You may charge more than your competitors, but if you represent good value in the eyes of the customer, then they will be happy. After all, you expect to pay one price for a lunch in a burger chain and quite another in an exclusive restaurant. Both experiences can represent value for money as it is the overall experience we pay for. But don’t take it for granted that your current and potential customers understand this value. You may do work behind the scenes that they would benefit from knowing about. Communicate the ways you provide value, so they don’t regret or rethink their decision to work with you.


  1. Be easy to do business with. Do people have to spend ages chasing you? Are your opening hours restrictive and your staff elusive? Break down all barriers and make it as easy as possible for people to do business with you. Show your appreciation of the fact that they want to part with their hard-earned cash.


  1. Sort mistakes FAST. We all make mistakes, but one of the ways a customer judges your business is how quickly you accept that you have made a mistake and then make an effort to sort it out.  If you have got something wrong, it is down to you to correct it as quickly as possible, apologising and working to minimise its impact on the customer.


  1. Be approachable. Do you like dealing with people? If not, what are you doing talking to them? If you know you are a grumpy, backroom person by nature, then use the skills you do have elsewhere and put somebody who loves dealing with customers in the front line.


  1. Be upfront. Honesty is always the best policy. If you ever try twisting the truth or worse, telling an outright lie, it will come back to haunt you. If you can do something, say so, but if you can’t, be upfront about this too while offering an alternative.  Your customers will appreciate your honesty and admire your integrity.


  1. Be positive. We’ve all got problems, but if your customer asks you how you are, don’t use that as an excuse to talk about all your stresses or badmouth your other customers.


  1. Excel at what you do. You have to be good at what you do if you’re going to retain customers in the long term. Every piece of training you and your staff undertake will help to retain customers, so don’t short change your customers by skimping on this. Invest in the best systems, equipment and people that you can afford to make sure that when people come to you, they are getting the best and that you are doing everything you can to stay the best. We work incredibly hard to ensure we’re doing the best possible work for our clients as possible. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of the work we have completed.


  1. New ideas creativity and different innovative solution. Business concept. A group of paper airplanes, one plane is flying in the other direction, different way.Be different. In today’s crowded marketplace it’s important to stand out from the competition. Make sure your customers remember you for being the company that is always changing, always improving and always coming up with great new ideas.


  1. Exceed expectations. It’s no longer good enough to be OK. If possible, always aim to exceed your customers’ expectations. Promise to deliver by Tuesday, but deliver by Monday lunchtime. Send extra items with no charge.  Drop off personalised gifts such as mugs or calendars.


  1. Take responsibility. Most of your suppliers and competitors will blame someone else when things go wrong, but if you take responsibility, you will tell the customer what they want to hear; namely, “I will take complete responsibility for sorting this out.  Let me look into it, find out exactly what the situation is and I’ll get back to you with an answer by X o’clock”. Even if you don’t know everything you hoped you would by that time, call them back when you said you would with an update.


  1. Encourage referrals. What gets rewarded gets repeated. If you send a thank you letter and voucher when a new client is gained as a result of a referral, do you think your customers will do it again?  By making it clear that you appreciate the effort they have made to refer business to you, you are making it much more likely that you will continue to receive business in this way.  It is not so much the gift; it is more the fact that you have taken the trouble to acknowledge the kind referral from a customer.


Bonus – These are general ideas, but if you’d like tailored marketing recommendations, why not get in touch and speak with a marketing specialist on 01858 445543 or schedule a free marketing health check.


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