Recruitment Agency Marketing

Marketing for recruitment agencies

Time is a luxury that many recruitment agents cannot afford to invest in marketing.  More often than not, we are approached with agencies looking for a quick fix – usually in the form of a new website – in the hope that this will look so good and be full of such great information, that the enquiries will just start rolling in.

happy recruitment agentThis is not an approach that we recommend.  If you’re going to invest in any form of marketing for your recruitment agency – whether it be a new website, an email campaign or a social media strategy – there needs to be a clear objective behind it and a strategy to actually achieve that objective.  One that gets results.

Using the website analogy as an example – in a market as competitive as recruitment, wherever your agency is based and whatever you specialise in, what your website says needs to serve two purposes:

  • To provide the information that your potential clients/candidates are looking for, which prompts them to contact you
  • To be regularly updated with good quality content; ideally as part of an online PR/search engine optimisation strategy, so that when your potential clients/candidates are looking for a recruitment agency – search engines like Google, point them in your direction. Not because your site looks better than your competitors – but because it has excellent content and provides a user experience that enables its users to find what they’re looking for

This is just one example of the type of strategy that stands behind a marketing activity, such as creating a new website.

Targeting techniques for recruitment agency marketing

Your website is absolutely key to creating an effective brand presence, as well as generating enquiries.  However, there are lots of other marketing techniques that, when planned out and executed well, will help your company to grow.

From social media strategies to brochure design, PR to event promotion, working with a marketing agency which has specialists in each area of marketing, will not only help your marketing campaigns and activities to be successful – it will help to get them off the ground and executed quickly.

Marketing specialists who understand recruitment

Our team has many years of experience in all matters of recruitment marketing; using both traditional techniques and modern methods to help our clients excel.  For examples of our work with recruitment agencies, or to speak to a member of our team about your agency’s goals, please get in touch.