Property & Estate Agent Marketing

Marketing for estate agents and property firms

The ever-changing landscape of the property market makes it one of the most fascinating sectors to specialise in.  With a marketplace that is so vast and volatile, exceptional targeting is the key to property marketing success.

property estate agent with keyWhether you focus on a certain type of property, such as new homes, large homes or rural properties, or whether you’re only looking to specialise within certain geographic locations; targeting your marketing to the most effective demographic, is the first step to raising your company’s brand presence and increasing enquiries.

Marketing strategies for different property specialisms

Not all property marketing should be the same.  For example, if a potential client was looking for a chartered surveyor for a commercial property, they would be looking for different marketing messaging from someone looking for an agency that specialises in residential lettings.

Similarly, if you have expertise in properties that are suitable for development or in selling new homes, then generic messaging that holds the same company values as every other property firm or estate agency, won’t help you to stand out from the crowd.

Measurable marketing for estate agencies

With portals such as Rightmove, many estate agents could be forgiven for not seeing the value in creating an effective online presence.  However, Rightmove is primarily for buyers and not sellers; whereas your website and online marketing should be attracting sellers to use your services.

Why incorporate digital in property marketing?

There are only so many people you will reach with offline marketing.  Estate agencies, for example, can spend thousands of pounds on direct mail campaigns, on the off chance that someone is looking to move there and then, or in the hope that they will keep an attractive brochure for when they do move. It’s not effective, targeted marketing.

By comparison, a social media campaign with a search engine optimised article (e.g. ‘Top tips for selling your Leicestershire home in Winter’) is most likely to be clicked on by people who are looking to move later in the year.  By offering something useful in the form of digital content, your brand is put right under the nose of the relevant customer.  What’s more, whilst your leaflet drop might hit the right value houses, you can target social media advertising or paid search marketing, using far more detailed targeting parameters, for a fraction of the price – and effort.

This is just one example of the type of strategy that we can help your estate agency or property firm to implement.  Try a joined-up approach to both offline and online marketing in campaigns that deliver real tangible and measurable results.  To find out more, contact us today – we’re experts in all aspects of property marketing, so are very happy to help!