SEO & Web Design for Skribes Inventory Specialists

Description of company

Skribes Inventory Specialists Ltd is an independent property support company based in Birmingham city centre. The company provides detailed, fast and efficient inventory clerk services and legionella risk assessments for Birmingham’s up and coming urban property rental market and surrounding areas.

In essence, Skribes ensure that landlords stay on the right side of the law and prevent deposit disputes with tenants. They also play a part in ensuring the property is ready for the next tenancy quickly and easily.

The Challenge

Skribes came to Ideal Marketing Company looking to establish itself as the leading company for inventory reports, legionella risk assessments and related services in the Birmingham area. This was to be done by strengthening the company’s digital presence to improve and enhance the business image.

The ultimate goal being to increase the number of enquiries by increasing website traffic.





The Ideal Solution

To strengthen the company’s digital presence, Ideal Marketing first set about designing Skribes a new website.

Before beginning the work, competitor research was conducted to identify Skribes’ USP over the various inventory competitors in the local area. The findings would dictate the messaging and be integrated throughout the website and ongoing marketing.

The newly modernised, creative website was complete with branded theme, revised content, illustrations of the different services, and optimised for mobile and tablet use.

The website also showcased a newly designed animated video that explains Skribes’ services to prospects.  The video created by Ideal Marketing’s design team was used on the process page of the website explaining the benefits of Skribes’ online client portal.

To generate traffic to the new website and targeted content, Ideal Marketing Company set about identifying target keywords and making optimisations to the content and technical side of the new website. Ongoing blogging work completed our SEO work to improve SERPs and increase the amount of organic search traffic to the website.

Facebook and LinkedIn company profiles were also set up to widen Skribes’ digital presence.

What was achieved

Despite high competition in the Birmingham area between inventory service providers, our SEO work pushed Skribes into 1st and 2nd position on search engines for a range of keywords. Thus contributing towards strengthening the company’s digital presence.

When clicking through to Skribes’ website, target customers were greeted with clear messaging and an animated video, clearly explaining the Skribes’ USPs.

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