SEO and web design for Lismark Office Products


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Session Duration

Top 10 Keywords

Position 1 Keywords

“They work wonders on my website and I am getting enquiries every day”

Key achievements

In the 2 years since we created a new website and began SEO and PR activity for office furniture specialists Lismark, the company has seen a huge increase in both traffic and conversions including:

  • 428% increase in organic traffic
  • 434% increase in new users
  • 68% increase in average session duration
  • 34% yearly increase in average search position
  • 42 top 10 search result positions including 5 position 1 results (out of 95 positions tracked nationally)

The client

Lismark Office Products is a Leicestershire-based furniture company that supplies unique, contemporary and ergonomic pieces across the country. From desks and chairs to breakout sofas and meeting pods, Lismark’s range varies from conventional right through to modern.

The objective

  • Create a website to showcase Lismark’s product ranges
  • Drive organic traffic and conversions with SEO
  • Build links and brand awareness with online PR




The process

Lismark Office Products got in touch when they were looking to design a new website to best showcase their attractive range of furniture. The Ideal Marketing Company team has a wealth of experience in developing and designing effective websites, but while some digital agencies are finished once the website is complete, we believe it’s only the start of the process.

Creating a sleek new website

The website design process started with our website developers understanding the functionality requirements and our content team writing engaging, SEO-optimised text for the webpages. The result was a sleek and high-quality website, appropriately matching the furniture itself. You can view the website here.

Bringing in new business with SEO

With SEO-optimised content now present across the site we turned our focus to growing Lismark’s presence for key terms as well as building the website’s authority with link building and online PR.

For each key term we looked at what Lismark needed to do in order to reach those all-important top-ranking spots and created high quality content, not only intended to please the search engines but also entice and convert visitors.

Raising rankings and referral traffic with online PR and link building

Using Lismark’s knowledge of the office and furniture industries, we were able to pitch out desirable articles to editors at relevant magazine and news providers. Here are a handful of articles that we’ve been able to help publish, all with an important link directing to Lismark’s website:

On Office Magazine – 10 ways to optimise space in an office

Business Mole – Which colours are best for improving office productivity?

OEN Magazine – Tips for Creating a Healthier Workspace

OPI – How to Design a Workplace for Millennials

The results

The Lismark website now shows on the first page nationally for many of their priority terms including privacy pods, meeting pods and breakout furniture. This new visibility has increased organic visits to the website by 428%.

Not only has traffic grown, but more of these visitors are converting into prospects. Users are spending more time on the website and Lismark is regularly receiving new enquiries about their products.

Two years later we are still working with Lismark to continue building their presence in the office furniture space. The owner of Lismark recently shared the results he’s been seeing from the new website, SEO and PR activity “They work wonders on my website and I am getting enquiries every day.”

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