E-commerce Marketing for The Leavers Hoodies Company

Description of company

The Leavers Hoodies Company makes personalised clothing for school, college and university leavers.

Hoodies, jackets and t-shirts are amongst the range of garments available to order for the end of the school year and trips. Designs are fully personable and school badges are able to be embroidered too.

The Challenge

With many more established businesses offering a similar product, The Leavers Hoodies Company was having difficulty competing with the others in terms of their search ranking.

As an e-commerce business, being well-optimised is vital and the owner felt that there was a large market to reach if they could better compete on relevant search rankings.





The Ideal Solution

The Ideal Marketing Company’s SEO team got to work researching the client’s presence and creating a detailed plan of action. The plan included a combination of technical fixes and content marketing.

The starting point was to research what terms consumers were searching Google with to find leavers hoodies products.

Over the course of a series of months, The Ideal Marketing Company created a stream of new content, made technical improvements to the website and gained backlinks from Educational magazines and publications with high domain authority. All of which served to improve search rankings.

What was achieved

In the nine months since starting our work with The Leavers Hoodies Company, rankings improved for all of the identified key search terms, including ‘college leavers hoodies’, ‘leavers hoodies’, ‘leavers hoodies colours’ and ‘leavers hoodies prices’.

Most significantly, the term ‘school leavers hoodies’ rose from 35th to seventh and ‘Year 6 leavers hoodies’, a search term that was found to have a high search volume, rose from a ranking at number 71 to seventh.

The constantly improving rankings led to a steady increase in the amount of traffic visiting the website, better serving The Leavers Hoodies Company to compete with their competitors.

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