Branding and Marketing for Incite Consulting

Description of company

Coming from a strong commercial background, Mark Platt decided to set up his own business development consultancy, Incite Consulting in 2016. Incite provides three main services to businesses: consulting, sales management and training.

Ultimately, Incite works alongside businesses to achieve real, tangible and stable foundations for growth.

The Challenge

Mark approached the Ideal Marketing Company looking for help in creating a brand for the new consulting business.

Having started the company relying on recommendations via word of mouth and a strong base of contacts that Mark has amassed over the years, Mark was looking to reach very specific audiences, both online and offline, whilst creating a positive, professional and lasting impression.



Marketing Strategy


The Ideal Solution

Starting with a clean slate, the team at Ideal Marketing set about conducting research into the industry, competitors and target market, and began planning the brand for Incite Consulting.

To capture an online audience, a mobile-responsive, one page starter website was created. With a fixed budget, it was decided that the one page website was the best choice for Incite’s requirements and timeline.

Although only one page, the website is designed to look like a larger corporate site and gives Incite an online presence whilst also providing enough space to fully explain the services that they offer, along with contact information. The SEO friendly text for the website was written following research into popular keywords used by the target demographic.

A sharp, sleek logo was created by our design team to match with the clean branding. Using the same colour schemes throughout (different shades of cyan), our designers also created business cards and a brochure as sales collateral for Mark to use at seminars and networking events.

What was achieved

Working on a short timescale, Ideal Marketing Company were able to complete the project, in 8 weeks. The turnaround from the first meeting to the end of the project shows just what is possible for new start-up businesses like Incite Consulting.

Full service marketing agency

“Being able to get the business off the ground relied upon having a strong brand, that will grow with me as I grow the business.  The team at Ideal didn’t just bulldoze me with ideas for this, they really listened to what I was about as a person and what Incite means to me and my clients.  What we’ve achieved together is spot on.”

Mark Platt

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