Digital marketing for Green Motion

Description of company

Green Motion offer a world leading and award winning car and van rental service. The company operates in 26 countries and is looking to grow its network in the UK specifically. Investment in the latest green vehicle technology as well as in electric, plug-in and hybrid vehicles, means that Green Motion offer the lowest CO2 emission car hire of any of its like-for-like competitors.

The Challenge

In a highly competitive industry, Green Motion were looking to increase brand awareness and relay the benefits of environmental driving with their audiences. The company was looking to increase engagement with both of their target audiences in the UK: businesses and leisure clients.

Ultimately, the company wanted help in increasing their UK presence and generate awareness through PR.


Social Media





The Ideal Solution

The first port of call was to ensure that Green Motion’s online presence was as best it could be. This involved completing a social media and website report.

The social media audit was performed for all of Green Motion’s UK franchises and the SEO website analysis, including competitor analysis, was completed with consideration for local search terms.

As a result of the social media audit, a number of recommendations were made to create a social media strategy. Recommendations included creating a LinkedIn page, hashtag research for Twitter and adding links to rental quote page. Through the range of social networks, customers are kept updated with new and offers to reinforce customer loyalty and spread awareness.

A PR strategy was also devised early on to highlight target trade magazines, news publications and websites that would reach the target audience. Publicity has been gained on the back of new branch openings, award wins and topical article pitches.

What was achieved

Efforts have helped to cement Green Motion the go-to car hire company for environmentally savvy customers. Since beginning our work with Green Motion in 2015, the company has opened a number of new UK branches including Glasgow, Belfast and London City Airport. Consistent publicity has been attained in regional and national coverage.

Green Motion has also extended their run of winning Rental Company of the Year at the GreenFleet Awards to eight successive years.

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