Local Marketing for Taste Harborough

Description of company

Taste Harborough is a not-for-profit company that provides support for local food and drink producers in Market Harborough through a membership system.

Taste Harborough acts as the connector, showcasing all the individual businesses that make Market Harborough so popular for food and drink. In exchange for an annual fee, members receive publicity for their local produce and support.

The Challenge

Under the Taste Harborough umbrella is a range of products from local producers who sign up to the membership programme. The goal of the project was to make Taste Harborough a brand that consumers recognise and look out for when shopping.

Created by Sustainable Harborough, with whom The Ideal Marketing Company has done plenty of work for previously, Taste Harborough got in touch with us looking for support in the design and branding of their new project.





The Ideal Solution

To establish Taste Harborough as a recognisable ‘seal of approval’ in the area, research was conducted into similarities seen in other quality assurance stamps in the UK, such as ones seen for British Lion Eggs and Assured Food Standard.

Primary research was also conducted; questioning producers, sellers and consumers alike into what terms and opinions they associated with Market Harborough food and drink.

It was decided that each local producer, processor, retailer or hospitality provider signed up to the Taste Harborough membership would have all eligible products marked with a Taste Harborough sticker. The sticker, which housed the Taste Harborough logo and an ‘Approved Tasty’ note below, would act as an easily identifiable stamp for consumers searching for local produce.

To increase awareness of the project throughout the area, our design team created a map which identified all members in the area who grow, rear, catch, make, sell or serve local produce. The printed maps were placed throughout the Harborough for locals and visitors to the area to use. 

Additionally, brochures explaining membership details were sent to producers and sellers within a 15-mile radius, posters were placed throughout the town and POS materials were designed for members to use.

To bolster Taste Harborough’s online presence, a website was created that included membership details, a directory for the public to browse and a portal where members can login to access their member resources and benefits.

Taste Trail ticket

Taste Trail map

What was achieved

Over 50 local producers and suppliers signed up to the membership programme including Duncan Murray Wines, Waterloo Cottage Farm, Market Harborough Brewery, Farndon Fields Farm Shop, Harborough Market, Well Roasted Coffee and Warner Edwards Gin.

By having the Taste Harborough name attached to a range of produce in shops and hospitality providers across the district, the brand is now established as a respected mark for those who want to support local produce.

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