Finance Marketing

Marketing for financial services and accountants

As a highly regulated, fast changing industry, financial services is one of the most challenging sectors to market without employing a whole specialist marketing team.  As a Partner or Marketing Manager, the benefit of working with an agency who specialises in finance marketing is that you’ll feel like you have your very own team to hand, each with their individual specialist skill sets and areas of expertise.

finance meeting ipadFrom PR experts who ensure that your firm is in the news for all of the right reasons, to search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists, who employ digital strategies to get your website found for the most relevant and lucrative keywords – your challenges become our strategies and together, we will achieve real, measurable results.

The world of finance marketing is changing

Professional services marketing has been focused on networking and brand recognition through advertising and PR for many years.  Whilst there is still a place for these techniques, the business world as a whole has since developed to be more focused on digital marketing.  For some, this sounds alien, but in reality, there are many digital marketing techniques that finance experts are familiar with; often without even knowing it!

Take brand recognition.  PR in newspapers and magazines also needs to translate into the news that finds its way into our email inboxes – which you probably receive on a daily basis.  Ideally, the PR that is opened in an email, will link back to your website in order to show Google that your firm has useful and relevant things to say, which are worth reading about.  This in turn, will begin a strategy to help your website be found for more relevant searches in the future.

It doesn’t stop there – the online PR can then also be used as content for social media promotions and targeting; to make sure that your news or article is put in front of people that you would want to see it; in a way that encourages them to engage with your brand, rather than to simply scan its words in a magazine.

Where finance marketing really gets interesting

You may already be doing these things in a disparate fashion, but evolving your marketing strategy so that each of these marketing techniques has a solid purpose is where things start to get interesting.  Using the example above, from brand recognition and PR, we have involved online PR, SEO and social media to present a more joined up marketing strategy, which is far more likely to achieve measurable results, which can then be replicated or improved upon.

A finance marketing agency that delivers results

As you can probably tell, we love the opportunities which finance marketing creates.  Our marketing specialists have a wealth of experience in professional services marketing, so whether you’re looking for a lead generating marketing campaign, social media plan or a re-design of your firm’s website, we are keen to help.