Construction Marketing

Marketing for construction companies, builders and electricians

When looking for someone to carry out a specialist trade like building or electrics, people look for someone who is highly skilled, experienced and reliable.  These are the same qualities that you can expect from us, when we work together to market your construction business.

house construction buildersRecognising your own USP (unique selling point) or the values that make what you do stand out from your competitors can be difficult when you do your best in all aspects of your business.  Communicating them can be even more difficult – without even starting to look at where to communicate them and who to.  This is where a strategic marketing approach can really make a huge difference.

Added value in construction marketing

Many builders or electricians have come to us to ask for marketing services like website design, but it’s the work that we carry out alongside this which will add value to your company’s marketing.  We don’t just create construction websites that look good – we make sure that they’re well optimised to be found for relevant Google searches and that they’re easy to use.  These things give you the best possible chance of actually receiving an enquiry from someone who would like to use your services.

Construction marketing specialists

Finding a marketing specialist who is an expert in everything is like finding a construction worker who does all their own building, plastering, electrics, plumbing, planning and decorating.  It’s not impossible, but there will always be strengths and weaknesses.

It’s healthy to take the same approach to your marketing. For example, you may find that you can write your own press releases which receives good exposure, but when it comes to having a strategy to translate these into online marketing that helps generate leads, it can take a whole set of marketing experts to put a strategy in place that will achieve the results you’re looking for.

Your own team of construction marketing experts

Add in a marketing team, in the form of working with an agency and you’ll have experts who specialise in social media strategy for builders and electricians, as well as people who can make the most of your PR in terms of online articles, plus specialists who will combine your content marketing efforts with the technical aspects of online marketing to help you get found on the first page of Google.  Each section of marketing has its own team of specialists, who work together to join up your marketing activities with your specific goals in mind.

Achieve your construction marketing goals

Whichever channels you wish to utilise to grow your business, we have experts who can help.  To find out more about how we have helped businesses in the construction industry to plan, execute and achieve real, tangible results with their marketing, please contact us.