How to Measure Digital Marketing Success with Google Analytics – Webinar @ Webinar
Oct 9 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
How to Measure Digital Marketing Success with Google Analytics - Webinar @ Webinar

Do you struggle to demonstrate the value of your digital marketing activities to your managers, board, or even to yourself? Good marketing is crucial to the success of a business, but without proof that it’s good, it can be hard to get the budget or buy-in from your colleagues that are required for you to do your job.

While tools like Google’s Analytics, Google Ads and Search Console alongside data from email reporting give you a wealth of information, this can be hard to decipher and even harder to translate into terms that people who don’t specialise in marketing understand. Data does not equal insight on its own and is rarely actionable. It’s how you manipulate data that points you in the right direction, of what is working and what can be improved upon.

In this session, we will give you ways to:

  • Identify business goals, KPI’s and targets to report against in your marketing activities
  • Set up tracking that allows you to monitor performance against your targets
  • Optimise Google Analytics
  • Set up reporting that isn’t overwhelming and just gives you the most important information
  • Access the templates and tools we trust most
  • Report on the quality of different channels
  • Monitor your performance in search engines
  • Highlight key takeaways from your reports in a few, easy to digest sentences

This is an interactive workshop so ensure that you have the login to your Google Analytics account.

If you don’t have Google Analytics set up and on your website, let us know before the event and we will do what we can to get you set up.

If you don’t have Google Analytics set up and on your website, let us know before the event and we will do what we can to get you set up.


Delegates will leave with:

  • Actions to start measuring your digital marketing tomorrow
  • A list of resources to use after the workshop
  • Their questions answered
  • PDF slide deck from the event in paper and email form

What others have to say:

“Very informative session – certainly have a lot to go away with and most importantly put into practice”

“Very useful seminar with knowledgeable presenter”

“Highly informative with good interactivity to allow knowledge sharing”


How to build a marketing plan – webinar @ Webinar
Oct 23 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
How to build a marketing plan - webinar @ Webinar

It’s that time of year (again)! Why not start the year off on the right foot with a session to plan your marketing and build the resources you will need to build an effective marketing plan, year after year?

In this session, we will cover:

  • Persona Development – get to know your customers so you can engage and target them more effectively
  • Competitor Analysis – where do you sit in your market and what does this mean for your marketing?
  • Aims, campaigns and timelines – build your marketing plan
  • Establishing KPI’s and deciding how to measure success

This is an interactive webinar, you will walk away with the resources you need to build your marketing plan and make the best of 2020.

“The workshop was great, informative and interactive and gave me a list to do to plan for the marketing activities…” 

Ashish Kumar – Director – Web Alliance

Understanding Your Customers – Persona Development webinar @ Webinar
Nov 13 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Understanding Your Customers - Persona Development webinar @ Webinar

A crucial part of understanding you and driving your business objectives involves understanding your customers, what drives them and how to find them. By doing this, you’re in a better position to make strategic decisions. For example, it may be that your most profitable target market is really active on Twitter, so a targeted Twitter campaign which speaks to their motivations would be a good idea, but you won’t know that without doing some research.

Persona development is the first step in developing a marketing strategy that supports your business goals and returns a positive return on investment for your marketing spend.

In this workshop, we will work through the process of building up to 6 personas to be further refined and agreed with your team, then prioritise with the intention of building it into a marketing plan.

To do this, we’ll investigate your:

  • Existing customers
  • Previous experience
  • Future targeting preference


Knowing your personas takes the guesswork away from marketing. Attendees will leave with a clearer understanding of their customers, and where best to focus marketing efforts. The resulting documentation can be returned to again and again – to build a marketing plan, deciding which channels to focus your attention on, for writing messages on marketing materials, deciding which campaigns to run and briefing marketing creatives and more.

Delegates will leave with:

  • A template to use for building and prioritising personas
  • Lightbulb moments
  • Messaging to use to engage your customers
  • The best targeting options to reach your customers

Who should attend?

Business owners, marketing managers, or anyone involved in selling.

If you’ve felt pulled in lots of different directions by the things that you feel you ‘should’ do, personas can help to focus attention on the things that are most likely to yield results, saving time and money.

What others have to say

“Persona Development Workshop today certainly was beneficial to me. Targeting my ideal customer(s) has been difficult in the past, but now I have a much more informed way or approaching it. I can also see that this is the foundation of my marketing strategy. Thanks also for your feedback and advice, and for providing me with the resources to continue developing a clear picture of the customers I should be aiming for.”

Robin Kirkley – Vizeo Media

The LinkedIn Masterclass Webinar @ Webinar
Nov 20 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
The LinkedIn Masterclass Webinar @ Webinar

You almost certainly have a LinkedIn account, but are you harnessing even a fraction of its full power for your business? LinkedIn is the most widely used business-to-business online network for professionals like you. Yet most users have never been told how LinkedIn can be a useful way to spread influence, locate staff and generate a regular source of new business leads.

The LinkedIn Masterclass webinar will give you valuable interactive insight into the world of LinkedIn, so prepare your Linkedin account as we will be running through some practical tutorials!

Topics covered in the webinar will include:

  • How to find valuable prospects
  • Using LinkedIn groups
  • Setting up and maximising company pages
  • Optimising your LinkedIn profile
  • Posting updates and finding content
  • Adding your contacts, new and old, to LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn advertising
  • Marketing to your contacts on LinkedIn, outside of LinkedIn

This practical 2 hour webinar will answer the important questions about LinkedIn and your business. There will also be a full Q & A and the offer of a free 1 hour follow up to answer your specific business questions.

Feedback from previous social media webinar:

Here’s what others have said about our last social media webinar:

  • “Very informative session and one that I would recommend to everyone, no matter how experienced they are.” – Michael Ingram, Doro Tape
  • “Very interesting morning learning a lot about the world of social media.” – Ollie and Linda, Andrew Granger and co.
  • “Very informative and thought-provoking with lots of practical suggestions.” – Brian Boley, Howitt Consulting
  • “Very interesting and helpful.” – Jake Fenlon, Naylor’s Estate Agents


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