Marketing for The Waterfront Restaurant

Description of company

The Waterfront is an eating establishment based at the canal basin in Market Harborough. It was taken over by current management in 2010. The venue is highly versatile, and is used frequently for family parties, weddings and business meetings, as well as hosting live music and a Sunday carvery.

The Challenge

Before commencing work with The Ideal Marketing Company, the owner had directed all of the advertising and marketing for The Waterfront to be performed in house. Due to the restaurants seasonal appeal, this resulted in erratic periods of custom for the restaurant. The Ideal Marketing Company were tasked with creating a complete marketing campaign to increase trade during off-peak times and seasons.



Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy

The Ideal Solution

It was decided that The Waterfront should have a new website, with a new design, that would fit with the rebrand and show it as a distinct venue.

To encourage repeat custom, a loyalty scheme was arranged. The loyalty card was designed for use at the Foxton Locks Inn, the owner’s other site. The scheme enabled access to volunteered contact details, which have been used to offer incentives and promotions to customers, as well as to email newsletters, keeping recipients aware of events and offers. This prompted customers to revisit in what were previously quiet season periods.

The Ideal Marketing Company provided The Waterfront with frequent adverts and PR for publication in local papers and magazines, helping to promote a variety of events. Most recently, we helped publicise the launch of The Waterfront’s new bar, Gin & Fizz. Our efforts for promotion included: PR in local press; event planning of a launch night; generating word of mouth; design and social media updates.

The Ideal Marketing Company currently provides Steph with monthly adverts for publication in local papers and magazines as well as helping to promote a variety of events, from wedding fayres to Friday night jazz.

What was achieved

Our endeavours have resulted in The Waterfront receiving a more consistent stream of custom. The loyalty card scheme was successful in guaranteeing that The Waterfront is the first choice in mind for any occasion at all times of the year. Events, such as the Sunday carvery (which was recommended by The Ideal Marketing Company), are consistently fully booked.



 “We had become so busy running the restaurants that marketing, which we see as an important part of the business, had become slightly neglected. I am delighted that we are now able to focus on the business without worrying too much about the marketing side of things, as since working with The Ideal Marketing Company we have had a record year for customer numbers, with a higher number of repeat visitors and new custom than ever before”

Steph Hamblin – Owner of The Waterfront Restaurant and Foxton Locks Inn

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