Design for Sustainable Harborough


Description of company

Sustainable Harborough is a five-year lottery funded project with a focus on working together to support families who can’t afford to live comfortably, businesses who want to support their local producers and people investing their hard earned time, effort and money in the place where they live.



The Challenge

Sustainable Harborough came to The Ideal Marketing Company with a request for help in promoting a range of activities and initiatives such as the ‘I Love Market Harborough’ Festival, a Food Map of local producers and sellers, and the business energy club.


The Ideal Solution

The majority of our work with Sustainable Harborough has been design-led – an opportunity that Head of Design Kerry jumped at. Kerry worked closely with Sustainable Harborough to create flyers and adverts to promote the ‘I Love Market Harborough’ Festival and the business club, and we sent out various press releases to ensure that both initiatives got maximum coverage in the local and Midlands press.

Another exciting design led project was the Food Map, designed to show local residents the places in Harborough that produce and sell – a concept which The Ideal Marketing Company worked on from the initial idea to the finished A3 map.

Further to this, Sustainable Harborough already had a website when we started working for them, but preferred for us to manage the hosting and maintenance of the website moving forward. We moved their website to our server and Sustainable Harborough have since benefited from having their website more tightly integrated into their marketing activities.


What was achieved

The Food Map was a massive hit – with producers and sellers of local produce already requesting that they be listed on the next version. The first ever ‘I Love Market Harborough’ Festival gained extensive coverage in the local press, with Harborough FM running a roadshow at the event, and press releases featured in the Harborough Mail, and over 1000 people attending.


Full Service Marketing Agency

   “The Ideal Marketing Company were a huge help in making the project a success and assisted across a whole range of areas.  It’s great to work with a friendly team who really know their stuff

Jo Sharman


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