PR and Design for Lockhart Garratt

Description of company

Lockhart Garratt is one of England’s leading environmental and ecological planning and forestry consultancies.

With offices in Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, Lockhart Garratt offer a specialist selection of environmental planning and forestry services including Arboriculture, Ecology, Forestry & Woodland Management and Graphic Design & Digital Mapping.

The Challenge

Lockhart Garratt was looking to establish a distinctive voice to enable them to stand out from their competitors and be the go-to company for specialist and expert forestry services. The consultancy was looking to do to help them:

  • Increase awareness of the company’s value to the target audience
  • Stay ‘front of mind’ with past customers for future repeat purchases
  • Raise awareness of Lockhart Garratt within selected target areas

To better communicate the key benefits and Unique Selling Points (USP) of Lockhart Garratt, Ideal Marketing Company delivered an impactful and unique proposition for rollout across all integrated communications material.






The Ideal Solution

With an in-house marketing team already in place, Ideal Marketing Company were able to support Lockhart Garratt in creating KPIs and establishing mechanisms to monitor the success of the objectives and KPIs.

Throughout the project, we worked very much in partnership with the client’s marketing team acting as a soundboard and offering strategic thoughts and insight on potential projects. However, our team was also in place to provide additional support in desired areas including PR, design, website and SEO support.

Our PR team worked to generate publicity about newsworthy activity Lockhart Garratt engaged in and offer Lockhart Garratt’s expert opinion on current industry topics.

Website updates involved reviewing content to ensure it appealed to the target audience, was impactful and encourage conversions. Further to this, it was ensured that website pages were well-optimised for the keyword list identified to generate organic search traffic.

And our designer was tasked with fulfilling the occasional design brief, including business cards, flyers, annual desktop calendar and logo to mark their 20th anniversary.

What was achieved

Ideal Marketing has helped Lockhart Garratt form their marketing KPIs and objectives whilst providing expertise to help them meet their goals.

Desired press coverage has been ascertained in industry publications such as Forestry Journal, Farming Monthly, Farmers’ Guardian as well as local outlets including Northants Telegraph and Chipping Norton Times through a mixture of press releases and articles.

Since all SEO optimisation were made to website pages, the Lockhart Garratt’s website generated a 45% increase in organic search traffic compared to the previous time frame and witnessed overall goal completions grow by 59%, too.

Various design projects were fulfilled to help Lockhart Garratt keep in touch with current and potential clients.

Through these design projects, it was essential for each of the company’s separate service divisions to have its own identity, whilst adhering to an overall company’s branding. This was achieved by harnessing the team’s different colour schemes when designing the individual business cards and A5 company service cards.

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