The full marketing mix for Abacus Guardian

Description of company

Abacus Guardian provides wireless temperature monitoring, data logging alarm systems, for use in a variety of industries. The system offers 24/7 temperature monitoring and access to data, and sends emails and texts when temperatures go out of limits, power fails or doors are left open.

The Challenge

Although they had been in the temperature monitoring market for a long time, with changes in legislation, and several public health concerns surrounding food safety, Abacus felt that their product was one that could efficiently help companies to target these problems. They had created a new product – Abacus Guardian, which more reliable and efficient, due to its wireless capabilities. Having spent little time or money on marketing, Abacus challenged The Ideal Marketing Company to create a marketing campaign that could be used across several different sectors, including refrigerated transport and pharmaceutical storage amongst others.

Print and Design


Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing


The Ideal Solution

The Ideal Marketing Company began by setting up a specific product website for Abacus Guardian, which could then be kept up-to-date with the latest news and articles. We also created the ‘4 Hour Challenge’, which highlighted the short installation time required to set up Abacus Guardian. We created a core set of messages for a variety of sectors, which we then promoted through adverts, blog posts, articles, case studies, newsletters and e-shots.

What was achieved

By promoting key messages through a series of platforms, web traffic and telephone enquiries have been significantly increased. A real triumph has been an advert – “The Sausage, the Supermarket and the £5,000 Text Message”, which emphasised just how much could be saved by having the Abacus Guardian temperature monitoring system in place. Abacus had managed to get a last minute advert deal, with artwork needed for that day, and so The Ideal Marketing Company had to think up a concept, gain approval, design and send the advert to the magazine in under 5 hours. The advert was a real success, driving a significant rise in enquiries.

Full service marketing agency

“Following several public health concerns gaining attention in the media, we knew that our product could really take off in several sectors. The Ideal Marketing Company have helped in all aspects of our marketing – it’s been useful to have an agency who can conduct all parts of the process, from concept to design to publication” 

Clive Bratt – Owner Abacus Instruments

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