woman making notes from computerAs we come to the final weeks of 2020, we’re looking back at what has been an exceptional year. It’s good practice to review your website stats regularly, but particularly at the end or beginning of each year, to inform your future content strategy.

It’s straightforward to get stats on your most popular content if you have Google Analytics installed on your website. If you’re interested in doing more with your Google Analytics, I recommend ‘Are you getting the most from your Google Analytics account? 6 steps to optimise your data and provide meaningful reports.’

We’ve listed the top 15 posts further down, which you can check out for yourself, and we noticed the following trends in the most popular subjects:

  1. Cornerstone content – these are long posts, and may have been added a long time ago but remain popular year after year. This evergreen content goes to show that it’s worth investing time in identifying what your target market is looking for and writing something to help them.
  2. Related to Covid-19 – we’ve supported our clients and contacts with updates and guidance on responding to this year’s pandemic, including a webinar series, and video replays called ‘Communicating in a Crisis’, designed to help through the pandemic and beyond. Unsurprisingly these posts have been popular this year.
  3. Definitions or fundamental marketing processes – some questions may feel embarrassing to have to ask so providing basic introductory content on these topics can help explain them to your existing customers and even bring potential new customers to your website through search results.
  4. Content specific to industries we cater to – like recruitment, hospitality and estate agents. This suggests an interest in seeing more industry-specific examples of marketing in action.
  5. News related to what we’re doing as a company – thankfully Covid-19 hasn’t put a stop to all our plans this year, and we were able to move forward with Inaugural Alastair Campbell Marketing Award, albeit remotely. It’s a goal that is close to our hearts, and it’s good to know it matters to others too!
Title Link
What’s the difference between a press release and a news article? https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/what-is-the-difference-between-a-press-release-and-a-news-article/
All you need to know about above the line and below the line advertising https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/above-the-line-and-below-the-line-advertising/
What is your USB? https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/what-is-your-usb/
How to remove the ‘Hours or services may differ’ notice on your Google Business https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/how-to-remove-the-hours-or-services-may-differ-notice-on-your-google-business/
34 ways to keep your customers happy https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/34-ways-keep-customers-happy/
Communicating in a Crisis Webinar Series https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/communicating-in-a-crisis-webinar-series/
Marketing a recruitment agency – practical ideas https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/marketing-a-recruitment-agency/
6 reasons why your bounce rate is so high in 2020 https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/6-reasons-for-high-bounce-rate/
Marketing for architects : tips to help build your practice https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/marketing-for-architects-practice-tips/
Short tail vs long tail keywords https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/short-tail-vs-long-tail-keywords/
How to write a press release https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/how-to-write-a-press-release/
Inaugural Alastair Campbell Marketing Award given to De Montfort University student https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/inaugural-alastair-campbell-marketing-award-given-to-de-montfort-university-student/
What’s the difference between an article and a press release? https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/whats-the-difference-between-an-article-and-a-press-release/
A guide to marketing strategy for recruitment agencies https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/guide-marketing-strategy-recruitment-agencies/
The beginners’ guide to alt tags (with examples) https://idealmarketingcompany.co.uk/beginners-guide-to-alt-tags/

We’re encouraged by the interest in cornerstone content and will continue to build content which relates to the goals that our ideal customers are concerned with. This is to encourage good quality traffic to our website, from people who would value our service. If you’re not sure what your customer’s goals are, consider building customer personas. It will help you write compelling sales pages, produce engaging content and ultimately create a marketing plan that works!

So, what can you take away from this? Have you reviewed 2020’s data for your website? If not, do you have everything you need to get this information? If the answer is no, get in touch and we’ll get you in the right direction. AND don’t forget that post on Google Analytics.


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