Branding and PR for Brynne Vineyard 

The client: family run vineyard in Northamptonshire

Brynne Vineyard is a family run vineyard found in Northamptonshire. The vineyard sells rose, white and sparkling wines as well as offering an adopt-a-vine service on the. They also offer guided evening tours and events on the 10 acre site.

The challenge: designing a brand and creating publicity

The vineyard was acquired in 2015 and was the first venture of its kind by the owners. The owners were looking for a new logo and publicity to attract visitors to their public launch event.

The public launch event coincided with the launch of the vineyard’s first selection of wines: Solaris, Reservoir Sunset, Sparkling Sunburst, Georgie Girl and Phoenix. Brynne were also looking for a product label design to match with the rebrand.




The solution: PR and a sophisticated new logo and website

Following a meeting to discuss Brynne’s vision for their logo, our design team began work on some preliminary versions. The finalised logo showcased the rustic and sophisticated nature of the vineyard whilst displaying a clear message of what Brynne do.

The set of wine labels were designed to reflect the delicate blended flavours that have been created by Brynne in the range wines. The ‘B’ engraved with the outline of a wine bottle is present on all of the labels designed for the vineyards original selection of wines.

A new website to match with the new branding was also created.

To attract people to the public launch event, which included a tour of the site, a press release was written for the attention of local news outlets.

The results: a strong brand and bustling launch event

The press release was picked up by local magazines and newspapers, including a full page spread in one local newspaper. The publicity gained meant that the public launch event was well attended with a number of Northamptonshire locals visiting the vineyard.

The vineyard is still happy with of our design work. Since our design work was completed, Brynne Vineyard has had their wine stocked in a number of wine shops. One London-based wine stockist specifically selected Brynne’s range on the strength of their branding.

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