Legal marketing for Bray & Bray Solicitors

The client: established Leicestershire law firm

Bray & Bray is one of Leicestershire’s largest and longest established law firms.

Launched in 1893, the legal practice has an extensive regional network with over 40 lawyers practising from offices in Leicester, Market Harborough and Hinckley. Bray & Bray offer high-quality legal services across a range of practice areas, from corporate law, employment and wills, probate and tax through to personal injury residential property family services and mediation.

The challenge: take on all areas of legal marketing

Bray & Bray Solicitors entrusted The Ideal Marketing Company to oversee their entire marketing efforts including social media, design, PR, SEO, website design. As a full-service marketing agency, Ideal Marketing Company were able to assign experts to each area, forming a collaborative approach to fulfil their marketing strategy.


Social Media





The solution: a combination of digital and offline marketing

Our marketing was divided into both offline and online.

Offline, our efforts were driven by PR and design for print materials. The goal for both was to present Bray & Bray as a personable local team of lawyers who provide the highest quality service.

To maintain Bray & Bray’s reputation as a knowledgeable law firm, articles were pitched to industry and department-specific publications, showcasing the law firm as specialists, and press releases were sent to local and trade publications around notable happenings including Bray & Bray’s 125th anniversary, fundraising events and new recruits.

The challenge within the design work, which consisted of billboards, leaflets, adverts and pop up banners, was to keep the brand consistent whilst targeting the different demographics that come with the company’s range of services.

Online, our work included a new website, SEO, social media and animated video creation.

It was decided early on that for Bray & Bray to compete with other law firms, a new website was needed. It had been years since Bray & Bray had refreshed their website, so our priority was to ensure the site flowed well, the user experience was good and SEO optimisations were made.

The newly designed website was launched at the start of 2018 with a WordPress theme matching Bray & Bray’s branding. Through the website design process, H1s and H2s had been added, images had been optimised and meta descriptions had been entered for all pages. And with the website live, our SEO plan involving backlink generation and topical blog posts for the Bray & Bray website could begin.

To reaffirm Bray & Bray’s expertise, our design team created two informative videos for the public about conveyancing and care home fees. These promotional videos were used on the website, newsletter and social channels. 

Care Home Fees explainer video

Wills, Trust and Probate leaflet

Family department billboard

The results: PR success and a 112% increase in website visitors

The Ideal Marketing Company fronted a series of successful campaigns for Bray & Bray.

Our PR team generated coverage that saw Bray & Bray in local news providers such as Leicester Mercury, Harborough Mail, industry publications such as Family Law and Law Society Gazette and publications popular with their target audience including Mature Times, Landlord Zone and Choice Magazine.

The new website and partnering SEO efforts led to a vast surge in website traffic. The number of visitors in 2017, before the new website was made live, was 62,000 and the following year these numbers rose by a staggering 112% to 131,000!

This increase in traffic was generated by a mixture of SEO improvements, social media and print campaigns. A particularly successful print campaign was a Bray & Bray billboard at Market Harborough train station which generated plenty of interest.

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