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Would you like to improve your social media and see how you compare to your competitors?

We are offering a no-obligation social media review so you can see how your social media is performing right now and get clear recommended steps to improve it.

Who can benefit from a social media review?

If any of the following apply, then you could benefit:

  • You know you should be more active on social media, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You already use social media for your business, but it’s not getting engagement or visits to your website.
  • You haven’t changed your social media activities for a while and feel it’s time to refresh things.

What your review will include

Your review will include an evaluation of your current social media, assessed against competitors you choose on five main factors. We will then give you some personalised recommendations on how to improve your strategy to make the most of your social media.


Key factors we analyse


Is there an obvious purpose to the content? Is there a clear understanding of what is being asked of the user? Is there a call to action? Does the post or series of posts have a goal in mind?



How good is the messaging? Is the tone appropriate for the brand? Is the language suitable for the audience? Is the content timely or topical? Is it up-to-date?


Are topics approached from the perspective of the reader? Are hashtags used, or is the content promoted to specific audiences?



Does the content reach out to the desired reader? Does it ask questions or incite opinions? Is it valuable, useful, helpful or shareable? Is the profile just broadcasting or contributing to relevant conversations?


Are posts easy to read (well-spaced, concise)? Is media varied, e.g. links, graphics, video? Are visuals easy to digest?

How does it work?

Simply fill in the form below to tell us about your social media, competitors and goals. We will then analyse your social media to see where improvements could be made to help you reach your business objectives.

You’ll receive a report and our top recommendations via email.

The review is completely free with no obligation to work with us, but if afterwards, you would like to have a chat about how we could help with your social media and marketing we would love to hear from you.