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Direct mail is in the ascendancy

Direct mail is currently experiencing a resurgence, with consumers, increasingly tired of overflowing email inboxes, more and more receptive to well crafted and well targeted mailings arriving through their front door. Which offers companies like yours the perfect opportunity to obtain better responses to your campaigns.

Tailored mailings with impressive open rates

The Ideal Marketing Company use a number of techniques to generate higher than industry average response rates to our campaigns: persuasive headlines to grab attention, benefit led copy, tested offers that entice enquiries, and 3D mailings that improve open rates.

A complete direct mail service from design to delivery

We offer a complete direct mail service. As well as writing the material, we can design it, commission print, stuff and even post the campaigns for your should you require it. Our service guarantees that work is posted out on specific days and that 100% of the letters we print are posted on the days that will generate the best results for you.


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