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What is direct mail?

Direct mail is where a physical marketing or promotional product is sent through the post to household or business addresses.  The item being sent through the post can range between a letter to a catalogue, free sample, postcard, newsletter, menu or even a doughnut!

What is the main purpose of direct mail?

The main purpose of direct mail is to get an individual to notice your product or service.  By sending direct mail to the right person, you’ve got a much greater chance of them seeing your marketing message and then going on to engage with it.

How effective is direct mail?

Direct mail prompts responses:

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released a Statistical Fact Book in 2017, within which it says that direct mail customer response rates more than doubled by 43% year-on-year, reporting a 190% increase in response rate.

In a recent DMA article, it quotes that as a result of receiving direct mail, recipients went on to carry out the following:

  • 92% are driven to online or digital activity
  • 87% are influenced to make online purchases
  • 86% connected with businesses
  • 54% engaged in social media
  • 43% went on to download something

Direct mail is physically kept longer than emails are:

In research carried out by Royal Mail Market Reach called The Private Life of Mail, findings demonstrated that on average people kept direct mail for 38 days. 51% of emails are deleted in just two seconds.

Direct mail makes people feel special:

Think about the last time you received something other than a bill in the post – was there at least some intrigue if not excitement, when you opened it?  What about when you opened something and thought that it might actually be useful – did you throw it away or leave it somewhere like the kitchen table or on the stairs, where you knew you would see it and eventually do something with it?

As long as direct mail is useful or delightful, it’s great to receive.  This is true no matter how old you are.  In a world dominated by digital communication, it’s so unusual to receive something either handwritten or personalised, so on the odd occasion that you do, it’s almost a treat.

Another way to send direct mail is to partner with someone else.  This is particularly true of retail outlets.  For example, when sending out trainers from a specialist running store, what harm would it do that store to have an energy bar company put one of their samples in the package?  It’s an added extra for the customer and may even prompt them to order from the same store again, in hope of more future freebies.

Direct mail and GDPR

From 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make it nigh on impossible to send marketing materials to people without their explicit consent (something we think is a good thing!).  However, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed that companies sending direct mail do not need prior consent for sending postal marketing if they can confirm that the people they are sending it to have legitimate interest.  For more information about this, ask us – we’ll be happy to help guide you on how to make sure that you’re compliant with your direct mail marketing.

What types of businesses use direct mail?

Almost any business can expect a return on investment from a well thought out direct mail campaign.  Some of the industries that we have delivered effective direct mail campaigns for include:

  • Legal
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Business consultancy
  • Estate agency
  • Restaurants

How does direct mail marketing work?

When carried out as part of a wider marketing campaign, direct mail can generate higher than average industry response rates.  Some of the techniques that we use to achieve this are persuasive headlines to grab attention, benefit-led copy, tested offers that entice enquiries and 3D mailings that improve open rates.

We offer a complete direct mail service. As well as writing the material, we can design it, commission, print, stuff and even post the campaigns for you, should you require it. Our service guarantees that work is posted out on specific days and that 100% of the letters we print are posted on the days that will generate the best results for you.

Speak to a direct mail marketing specialist

These are just a few examples of how direct mail is an excellent marketing tool today.  For more information, speak to a member of our team, based at our marketing agency in Leicestershire, today.

Contact us directly on 01858 445543 or email Jess with any questions you may have on Jess@idealmarketingcompany.com

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