With the growth of digital marketing methods in the last decade, direct mail may have taken a bit of a back seat in your marketing plans.  However, it’s important to remember that direct mail campaigns can be extremely effective.

With a strategic approach to the messaging, design and targeting of direct mail campaigns, this marketing technique can easily deliver measurable results.  Here are 5 tips for building an effective direct mail campaign yourself:

Infographic Direct Mail Campaigns

1.     Know your audience

Who are your current customers? Who could be your potential new clients?

Instead of blanket coverage, knowing and understanding your target audience and directing relevant messaging to them will make your direct mail campaign more effective. Therefore, the number one tip is to get your customer and client knowledge up to scratch. A useful place to start is your current mailing list.

2.     Timing is key

Is the content of your direct mail time sensitive?

Often, direct mail can be usefully employed for a contextually significant opportunity, such as an upcoming event, product launch or sale, or time of year that neatly coincides with the service or product you are offering.

More often than not, however, an offer or discount on the company’s service or product provides an ideal opportunity for direct mail to be most effective. The type of offers that demand an immediate response would be time conscious offers, such as ‘early bird’ discounts. Customers are motivated to act if an offer conditions a ‘now or never!’ response. These kinds of offers will generate the type of immediate and direct responses direct mail aims to create.

In terms of a specific time-frame, avoid holiday periods unless it’s a relevant period for the product. If the direct mail is time sensitive to an offer or an upcoming event, make sure your campaign arrives in good time!

3.     Delivering your marketing message

What are you selling? How are your services and products unique? What are you trying to say?

First, decide what your objectives are. More importantly, make sure it responds to your ideal target audience. Highlight why your company’s services or products are attractive to the customer by telling them how they can benefit from your services.

Next is to make sure the message is clear and stands out. Use interesting colours, smart graphic design and attention-grabbing headings to stand out in a pile of white envelopes.

Another key tip is handwritten addresses that add a personalised touch and invite customers to open your direct mail. Or you can ditch the envelope entirely in favour of the inexpensive and easy-to-glance at, colourful postcard.

4.     Devising a wider marketing strategy business envelopes for direct mail

How does this piece of direct mail fit into a wider campaign?

Direct mail should be part of a wider strategy, both through multiple mail-outs but also alongside other marketing methods. This enables a higher response rate through far reaching and repeat exposure to your brand and message.

Consistency is key to a higher response rate. With a well-targeted list of recipients, you can streamline your content to deliver your message through sequential direct mail that reinforces the campaign’s message, but in different ways.

5.     Measure the initial mail’s successes for effective follow up

How effective was the campaign? Can I use it again? Do I need to revaluate my approach?

Successful marketers ensure that their message is providing profitable responses. Analyse the impact of your direct mail campaign by recording the responses. If successful customer engagement can be tracked through a growth of business, calculate the average revenue per recipient. If the campaign doesn’t see results, consider revaluating the target audience, the message and design of the content. Successful marketers take steps to adjust and revise their current campaigns to improve results upon results.

The bottom line

Your campaign needs to be a well-planned strategy that is relevant to your audience, clear on the message, well-timed and adaptable.


Advice about direct mail campaigns

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