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6 types of digital marketing all hotels should be using

The growth of online social media platforms and travel forums such as TripAdvisor has meant that the way people travel and stay at hotels has changed by enabling communication with other potential guests, tourists and locals, and influencing the way they choose their...

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Estate agents: How to design an eye-catching brochure

While many businesses are relying on digital marketing alone, most estate agents are aware of the value of also using attractive print media to market their business and ultimately sell properties. Just like a website, the branding used in a estate agency brochure can...

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5 things that should never go into a PR article

Press releases are so important for generating awareness of your business and the services you provide. Perhaps what is important to remember about press releases is that they are not an advert. Press releases are there to encourage editors and journalists in...

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Supporting the marketers of the future

At Ideal Marketing, we think it’s very important to support the next generation as they prepare for the world of work so we are always happy to consider requests for work experience and accommodate students if we can. 15 year old Jack Saunders spent a week at The...

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Learning from the World Cup: winning on social media

If ever a week demonstrated social media at its best (and probably worst – but let’s stay optimistic), then this week is as good a week as any. Since the start of the World Cup, football fever has descended on the UK and our newsfeeds. With it, we have generated a...

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How to write engaging content

The mention of content marketing alone might be enough for you to curl into your shell. Writing may be something you haven’t taken on since your school days and you may have convinced yourself that you’re incapable of writing any form of content. That simply isn’t...

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How content marketing can help your small business

With recent statistics showing that 70% of consumers would rather find out about a company through an article as opposed to an advert, businesses can no longer ignore content marketing. The good news is that although it’s a powerful strategy, content marketing doesn’t...

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