Understanding Your Customers – Persona Development webinar @ Webinar
Nov 13 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Understanding Your Customers - Persona Development webinar @ Webinar

A crucial part of understanding you and driving your business objectives involves understanding your customers, what drives them and how to find them. By doing this, you’re in a better position to make strategic decisions. For example, it may be that your most profitable target market is really active on Twitter, so a targeted Twitter campaign which speaks to their motivations would be a good idea, but you won’t know that without doing some research.

Persona development is the first step in developing a marketing strategy that supports your business goals and returns a positive return on investment for your marketing spend.

In this workshop, we will work through the process of building up to 6 personas to be further refined and agreed with your team, then prioritise with the intention of building it into a marketing plan.

To do this, we’ll investigate your:

  • Existing customers
  • Previous experience
  • Future targeting preference


Knowing your personas takes the guesswork away from marketing. Attendees will leave with a clearer understanding of their customers, and where best to focus marketing efforts. The resulting documentation can be returned to again and again – to build a marketing plan, deciding which channels to focus your attention on, for writing messages on marketing materials, deciding which campaigns to run and briefing marketing creatives and more.

Delegates will leave with:

  • A template to use for building and prioritising personas
  • Lightbulb moments
  • Messaging to use to engage your customers
  • The best targeting options to reach your customers

Who should attend?

Business owners, marketing managers, or anyone involved in selling.

If you’ve felt pulled in lots of different directions by the things that you feel you ‘should’ do, personas can help to focus attention on the things that are most likely to yield results, saving time and money.

What others have to say

“Persona Development Workshop today certainly was beneficial to me. Targeting my ideal customer(s) has been difficult in the past, but now I have a much more informed way or approaching it. I can also see that this is the foundation of my marketing strategy. Thanks also for your feedback and advice, and for providing me with the resources to continue developing a clear picture of the customers I should be aiming for.”

Robin Kirkley – Vizeo Media

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